Aug 26 2016

Old Windows Mobile devices and Windows 10

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In case you need to work with windows mobile devices but you have windows 10 (Anniversary, in my case) there is no problem

Sync center is already installed and Windows Mobile Device Center is ready to be installed, it already sits in your disk at c:\Windows\WindowsMobile\setup.exe

But… but, some problem may arise if you have (like me) an Windows 10 N or KN

these version doesn’t have the media features like windows media player, which is required ( lol ) by the Device Center.

So first find the Media Feature Pack for N versions of Windows 10 (anniversary) and install it, or make sure it is already installed: in fact it looks like that any major release of windows 10 will destroy the media feature pack already installed bringing back windows to its N version without the added media feature, in that case simply reinstall the feature pack of your new windows version.

Then you can connect your Windows Mobile Device andif everything works, TADAA!! old windows mobile connected to new windows 10!

and if it doesn’t work?

ok that’s interesting: first start the Windows Mobile Device Center by hand at c:\Windows\WindowsMobile\setup.exe

the connect your device… and if it stay in “conenct state” but nothing happens open the windows device manager

you should see a device with a yellow exclamation mark near it.

right click and select “install driver”

this have worked for me and now i’ve the device connected and i’m able to manage it from windows 10



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