Jul 8 2011

Windows Phone Marketplace error c101c404

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It is a couple of month I’ve started receiving the error c101c401 when I try to buy something using my windows phone.

I’ve tried to fix for what was possible to me, but I’ve not found the solution.

Today I had a day off from work and I’ve thought to call the support: first thing about the windows phone support I’ve to say: they are amazing!

I’ve never ever found a support service so gentle and competent, I rate them 10 out of 10!

The girl that have answered to me called me back at least 5 times today proposing new ways to solve the solution, searching in their KB and providing useful information to solve the issue.

At the end we have solved the problem and it was (as often happens) a stupid thing that have caused the issue: or better there was two issue

issue number 1 (that have caused also the issue number 2): in my https://billing.microsoft.com (logging in with the account also used in the WP marketplace) there was 3 accounts


the problem was quite stupid: two of these 3 accounts have the same “account description” (highlighter in the pic below by the pink arrow)


and both accounts reports “XBOX Live” in this field.

This apparently confuses the billing system a lot. the solution is very easy.

Choose one of the two (better if you choose the oldest one)  and rename it in “old XBOX Live” then save!



remember: rename Just one!, not both Sorriso

that’s all, this makes the billing system more happy….

issue number 2 (caused by the issue number 1):

when the copy of the XBOX Live account was created the billing system goes in panic. starting rom that moment on, all my recurring subscription starts to fail (even if my credit card was absolutely valid)

this caused a lot of transaction to stay pending.

it is important that you resolve your pending transaction in that case: there should be a link somewhere in the billing site that allows you to retry the transaction, but I don’t remember where it is (even if I’ve seen it and also used it from time to time… lol)

anyway, if you don’t find it call the support, they have a way to force any pending transaction, they did it for me and everything now is ok with my marketplace account, I can again spend a lot of money (buy Angry birds, it is very funny!).


Again: a big thanks to the Microsoft support and Ilaria in particular, that have helped me for the entire morning!

Thanks guys and gals, you are great!


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