Mar 14 2011

Stairs the game

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It’s a couple of week I’ve started to work on a project, the codename is “Stairs” (twitter hashtag #stairsgame) and it is an Indie game for Windows Phone 7 (and therefore XNA).

At the moment it will be just for WP7, no plans to port in on XBOX or PC.

The game is a sort of puzzle, but rather than point on the innovation in the gameplay It will focus on the visuals.

I want to make it appear as an anime. I love Hayao Miyazaki and I want to make something that may remember the feelings of his movies.

Of course I’m not that good in drawing, unfortunately, but I want to make the character very “live” and fort his reason the game will be animated using traditional MANUAL animation.

I’ll draw all the frames on paper, but I don’t want another game where the object appear made by paper… I don’t like that style too much.

I want to make the real thing, real traditional animation: with animation disk, peg bars, punched paper and alcohol-based markers. Pencils and rubbers will be a must, the background will be painted and all the art will be produced outside the computer.

Of course the pc will play a role in the digitalization and maybe in the fixing of some defects, but I hope it will be the minor part.

I’ve always loved to draw, and sadly in the last year I don’t had the chance to practice too much so my skill was lowered a lot… from when I was at my top, but I’m studying and practicing every evening and watching a lot for anime and reading manga, also I’ve studied some books and other I will study soon.

I hope to make something visually pleasant, and that feels different from the other heartless games.

if you are interested in a daily update on the project follow me on twitter A bocca aperta.

Ok the today plan is to setup the Visual studio solution, not so hard, huh?

I hope to post some screen shoots of the game soon but not today obviously, I hope you like the idea behind the game!

More about the gameplay in the next post!


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