Jan 22 2013

Many news!

Category: C# | General — Duke @ 16:55

Wow! these are busy days! full of news and awesomeness!

First things first! finally i managed to get hold of a new domain name for my site PhotoAtomic.com

Thanks to everyone who have supported me, expecially Lilla <3


Second: i've published a new project on codeplex about setting the precision of decimal numbers. It is quite Amazing to me how many people have downloaded it in 4 days... SyncWcf was much more slower...

probably people prefer simple project?

Anyway i'm happy, i've also started working on a new electronic project and i'm Learning lot of things (a nice way to say that nowthing works as intended for now... but it is proceeding quite well, i've to say!)

Stay tuned probably i'll post something in the near future about this project!


Busy days... i love these!